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Geometrical Tolerances

If text is added to the drawing, it uses the current text style which constitutes font, font size and orientation. Default text style is Standard text style with Arial font. It cannot be deleted but altered and renamed and/or modified by altering font, size and also the obliquing angle.
You can add measurements to a drawing using dimensioning tools by simply pointing to entities and add tolerance symbols to your drawings. The program’s dimensioning variables let you control the appearance of dimensions.
Multileader, consists of a line segment of spline, connect the feature of drawing to multiline text or a block.
Individual settings can be specified when a new drawing is created or settings are modified while creating a drawing from a template.
A construction line is an infinite line used in quick drafting techniques. It is a line through a given point, oriented at a specified angle in 3-D space and extending to infinity in both directions.
Revision clouds are cloud shape, made of polylines, mark the area of drawing require further attention. They are particularly useful for adding revision to the drawing.
IGiS CAD lets you display and view your drawing in many ways. Various display settings can be changed to speed up the display or printing of a drawing.
IGiS CAD provides you model space in which you do your most of work with the numerous layouts on layout tabs which stimulate paper.One can easily manage layouts, assign the page setup as well as copying the layout for using in the other drawing using IGiS CAD Explorer.
Attaching a digital signature to your drawing allows you to sign the drawing and authenticate the signature. You obtain a digital certificate from a third-party vendor or self-signed and attach it to your drawings.
Using annotative scale determine the size of annotative entities without changing the scale of other non-annotative entities. If automatic annotation is turned on, changing the annotation scale changes the scale of all entities. If it is off, the size is changed only for annotative entities that are assigned the selected annotation scale.
Layers in IGiS CAD are like the transparent overlays you use in manual drafting. In IGiS CAD, each entity in a drawing exists on a layer. The visibility of layers in individual viewports can be controlled by user.
You can use multiline text for longer notes and labels. You can also internally format this text.
You can manage/organize your drawing sheets and let others on your team work on the sheet set. You can easily manage your task.
Hatch pattern contain repetitive lines, dashes or dot patterns. You can select from predefined patterns or customize or choose from a custom hatch library. A gradient pattern contains of a gradual/smooth change of colour to select from.
The maximum allowed variations in the geometry defined by a drawing are indicated by Geometric tolerances. IGiS CAD facilitate applying the geometric tolerance on the drawing.

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