How CAD Software is Beneficial for Engineers

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Today, businesses are upgrading and embracing the new era of technology to sustain themselves in this ever-changing world. And so the professionals like engineers and other verticals such as architectures, product designers, and construction companies are looking forward to feature-rich CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software with the advanced toolset to bring their designs to life.  

The introduction of CAD software has revolutionized the world of engineering and has made designing work easier and faster. The software with powerful tools and designing capabilities gave the product designers a platform for impressive 2D drawings and 3D models. It allows to analyze and solve design issues while planning for any building or mechanical components.            

There is numerous professional-grade CAD software available in the market. Each software offers a somewhat different toolset and user experience with the same core features. So, IGiS CAD is equipped with all the capabilities a designer requires. With enhanced GUI and improved graphic library for speedy operations to the advanced toolset. Let’s explore how IGiS CAD is beneficial for design enthusiasm.

Benefits of IGiS CAD for Engineers


Engineers require the best CAD software that simplifies design and can be used right from the conceptual stage to the manufacturing. Software integrated with powerful features and enhances the production process by providing quality, accuracy, as well as precision. Also, minimizes time and effort.  

Let’s have an understanding of and benefits of IGiS CAD software for Engineers.

  • Increases Productivity

IGiS CAD helps the designer to design their products accurately and can visualize their drawing before submitting it. The animation feature gives an understanding of how all the components work together. It clears the concept and helps to understand the mistakes and make adjustments as well as modifications if required. CAD helps in visualizing, analyzing, and documenting the design. All these factors drastically improve their productivity and delivery high-quality design on time at a low cost.

  • Improves Accuracy and Design Quality

 IGiS CAD software for engineers enables the designing team to determine and visualize their concepts by creating 2D and 3D models. The advanced toolset available in the software allows the users to create accurate, precise, and quality designs. Also, they can analyze the engineering process and can carry it efficiently.

  • Reduces Design Errors

IGiS CAD helps the engineers to identify and rectify the problems before submitting the final design for production. The software offers visualization features that aid in the identification of errors and help in resolving the issues. It not only helps the engineers in eliminating the design errors but helps in saving the manufacturer’s time, money and effort.

  • Save Design Data and Drawing

Data used for designing can be saved and used for future reference so that you don’t have to create a similar design again and again. Use copy-paste technique to add more similar components, or you can use the same drawing from one project to another.

  • Easy to Read

The complicated reading and interpretation of the difficult engineering drawing are made easy with different viewing facilities provided by IGiS-CAD. The facilities like colors, layers, etc. can make every feature of drawing understandable. With the different viewing tools like zoom and pan, the engineer can analyze the drawing minutely and accurately.

3D modeling facility has tremendously increased the visualization and communication for the engineers. With modeling, it has become easy to demonstrate the product to even non-technical persons like marketing persons or salespeople.

    Why engineers should use IGiS CAD software?


    IGiS CAD is a 2D drafting and 3D modeling software designed to meet the requirements of various disciplines. A comprehensive platform that provides quality, accuracy, and precision. Familiar interface, improved graphic library, highly optimized graphic engine for speedy CAD operations, pan & zoom functionality, faster & better entity selection as well as tracking. IGiS CAD is easy to understand and offers zero learning curve. To know more about IGiS CAD click on the link:

    The software with enhanced graphic capabilities, not only allows engineers to create designs but can visualize and modify their drawings before submitting them for production. It reduces their effort and time by improving the design quality.

    Let’s have an understanding of how IGiS CAD software is important for various verticals of engineering:

      Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering


      Planning and designing machine parts and layouts are the components of mechanical and aeronautical engineering. The most important function of IGiS CAD is that it provides graphic simulation that shows how a constructed object will function. Once the design is completed, the software shows the prototype in the action. It helps to interpret whether the machine will work or not, and at the same time, helps in locating flaws, errors, and inconsistencies the mechanical engineer might miss, they can even fix the errors before submitting it for final production.

      As explained above, IGiS CAD is used to create both two and three-dimensional images. The software is integrated with a powerful suite of features that improves workflow, accuracy, and quality. Some important features that mechanical engineers require in their day to day work are Standard symbol library, Layer management, Clone, Revision Cloud, Define Attributes, Drawing Setting, Baseline & Continue Dimensions, Dimension Break, Import and convert PDFs, and Print batches of drawings

      Civil Engineering


      Civil Engineering

      Planning of building layouts, highways, tunnels, bridges, sites, etc. is the component of civil engineering. The software helps engineers to analyze the strength of the building, identify the problems and modify the drawings. The designs are used for base map creation also.

      IGiS CAD software encompasses a wide range of tools that helps civil engineers in both the design and construction process. Some of the most important tools that are used for designing are appload, burst, chspace, text setting, data extraction, sheet sets, tables, arrays, action recorder, and oops command.

      Electrical Engineering

      Electrical engineers are involved in designing electrical equipment and electrical products from microchips to electric power networks. Designing of power distribution system layout to making of circuit layout are the main component of electrical engineering.  A comprehensive symbols library and audit command help to check errors in the drawings.


      CAD has ushered in the era of professional design and cannot be overlooked anymore now. The engineers use CAD software as it increases productivity, improves the quality of design, brings more precision and control, faster execution of design, creates a database for manufacturing and documentation of designing, as well as saves design data and drawings. CAD designs can be modified and provide detailed drawings with more accuracy.  This is the reason engineers and construction companies bought CAD software into practice.


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