Things to Keep in Mind while Buying a CAD Software

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CAD software has now become an imperative part of design and development. CAD solutions have developed, driven by industrial modernization, to meet the growing needs of designers. And with time, CAD software became more specialized and complex.

Currently, you can see abundance of CAD software in the market, but which one is really the best one? Or which one suits you the best? There are a large number of products in the market to meet the demands of horizontal and vertical industries.

Before you hastily buy a CAD software, please go through a few points to remember while buying one.

File Compatibility

File compatibility is one of the most important features that you should look into while buying a CAD software for your designing and drafting needs. The new CAD software must fully support CAD legacy drawings for a smooth migration. The .dwg files must be read and written in their native language, without translation or data loss. In this case, IGiS CAD supports vast number of file formats for CAD applications. User can import files of almost all the format used by different CAD packages, to name  DXF, DXB, DWF, DWT format and many other file formats User can also save the files in the different formats.

Easy Adaptability

The CAD software that you turn to should not only have an easy interface, but also familiar interface facilitating user adaptability. Even the commands used in the software are ought to be frequently used and easily accessible. Customization of the menu bar is also a plus. Your perfect CAD software must be developed to enable the user with a user-easy adaptability. The learning curve must be easy and attainable for the designers, even if they have been accustomed to other CAD software. This in turn enhances productivity and ability to adhere to timelines.

IGiS CAD gives you a sense of belongingness with its familiar interface and user-easy adaptability.

Feature Set to Meet your Requirements

It is obvious that you need a CAD software to meet your design and user needs for all practical purposes. You need to go out of your way to explore possibilities and seek out new features. A CAD software is very crucial when you face time constraints and performance pressure. For instance, consider your current position. Do you have existing and outdated CAD software or investing for the first time? Are you planning to buy a standalone or network version? What computer hardware do you have? What kind of products do you want to design? These are some of the crucial questions that define your requirements. Now you have to find the piece that fits the puzzle.

Comprehensive Cost of Ownership

Now, the budget is really important. No matter how good the features of the CAD software are, if it does not fit the budget, it is off the table. The main factors that affect the decision process financially are the license or subscription fees, maintenance packages and investments in hardware, workforce and eventual upgrade costs.

In this case, CAD software like IGiS CAD, gives you perpetual license and reduces the comprehensive cost.

Support Resources

You need to find a CAD software that gives you options to explore with a ready to access support and tutorials. One of the key factors when it comes to buying a CAD software is being able to find answers and help to common queries through easily accessible support resources. CAD users generally find a system valuable that provides an active online community and offers support.

In this regard, IGiS CAD happens to have a robust support system with a proven track record. The dedicated support given to IGiS CAD clients includes direct support from IGiS CAD specialist and remote assistance. Detailed Tutorial videos are made available for the users. Also, other online resources like knowledge based user manual are also provided for quick reference.


A lot of times, if a user buys a CAD software in haste, he/she is met with glitches, disappointments and implementation and execution problems.  We have seen teams who have regretted their decisions of spending huge sums on money on a CAD software that does not even comply with their needs. Hence, we encourage you to tally up your needs, compare your costs and go out of the way to get yourself a perfect CAD software. Design your dreams with the right CAD software that is not only high on techno-functional parameters and cost effective but also gives you ample support when in need.


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