Top 12 reasons to switch to IGiS CAD 2022

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IGiS CAD software is designed to meet the requirements of 2D drafting and 3D Modelling for various disciplines such as Architecture, Construction, Urban Planning, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and many more. A platform to visualize and create precise 2D and 3D drawings. Enhanced GUI, highly optimized Graphic Engine, pan & zoom functionality, faster & better entity selection allows user for speedy CAD operations. The new version of IGiS CAD 2022 has come with improved functionalities for CAD designers and architects

Get an insight into the top features of IGiS CAD 2022  

1. Table



Create a table and insert table styles that enable easy formatting of attributes such as rows, columns, and strokes in a single step. With the grip command, the rows and columns can be adjusted and styles to the table as well as selected cells can be assigned.

    2. Array Creation and Editing


    Array Creation and Editing

    Multiple copies of selected entities in a circular pattern are created using a polar array. Rectangular array replicate entities in a rectangular pattern. Path array assigns entity copies along a selected path or segment of a path, which can be an arc, circle, helix, ellipse, polyline, line, 3D polyline, or spline. For 3D arrays, annotative array entities can be edited to add rows or columns, change distances between rows and columns, and add levels.

    3. Entity Cloning by ADDSELECTED Command


    Entity Cloning by ADDSELECTED Command

    Any Entity can be cloned with the new ADDSELECTED command of IGiS-CAD. Cloning an entity is similar to copying it, except you draw the new entity with its geometric values. The entity type and properties (like layer, color, line type, line weight, transparency, and thickness) are copied and are the same as the entity that you initially selected.

    4. Secured LISP


    LISP is a programming language, with its new customized function, that allows to automate the drawing generation. Users can customize and automate the drawing generation with Lisp. IGiS CAD provides a high-level LISP encryption tool to keep your LISP source file secured.  Users can share the encrypted Lisp Programme, but the code of the same will be secured that is no one can view it.

    5. On the fly spellcheck


    On the fly spellcheck

    With the help of On the fly spellcheck, the user can easily identify misspelled words within the text in the drawing.

    6. Dimension Break

    Dimension Break
    To create a dimension, select an entity specifying the definition point and insert the break command. Adding a break prevents it from looking like it is a part of the drawn entity. It adds clarity to the intersected lines. After a break is added, it is updated automatically when dimension, multileader, or intersecting entity is modified. It makes the drawing clutter-free from dimension, extension, and leader lines.

    7. Geo-locate your drawing

    Geo-locate your drawing

    Users can use the geolocation options by specifying a map file (using online map services), your current location, or latitude, longitude, and coordinate system.

    User can

    • Capture an area of the geographic map as an image for offline work,
    • Add position markers,
    • Change the map’s type that is road, aerial, or hybrid.

    IGiS-CAD 2022 supports various map file format like .shp, .sdf and .sqlite

    8. Create and Edit Sheet sets

    You can create and edit as well as organize sheets from multiple drawings and place them in one location, which makes it easier to view and print. These customized drawings can be printed as created in the original sheet.

    9. Laywalk

    A Laywalk dialogue box appears with the list of all the layers on the screen. Users can easily filter the specific layers displayed in the dialogue box while working with files with several layers. The selected object from that layer will be visible in the drawing area. This command allows viewing particular objects on a selected layer and hides an object of other layers.

    6. Photo-realistic Rendering

    10. Grip editing functionality for blocks and groups

    Grip editing enables you to move or reshape the objects of the entity from one place to another. The objects may be in either blocks or groups and, using grip editing command movements can be made. Select the object and the grip command will be activated at the key points to create a new entity.  In IGIS-CAD 2022, enhanced grip editing is incorporated for blocks and groups.

    11. 3D connexion mouse

    IGiS CAD 2022 is compatible with multi buttons 3D connexion CAD mouse. Users can easily access the commands using programmable buttons. They can use custom view keys and get ultimate 3D navigation with 3D connexion devices.

    12. Enhanced symbol library

    IGiS CAD provides a built-in library of standard drawing symbols. It enables the user to insert the symbols in the drawing in a very easy and efficient way. Users can also add new or customized symbols as per their day-to-day requirements

    System Requirement of IGiS CAD

    • Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®
    • Intel® Pentium® 4 or comparable, faster processor recommended
    • 2 GB of RAM minimum for Windows 10, Windows 8, and
      Windows 7, 1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM minimum for Windows Vista
    • 2.5 gigabytes (GB) of free hard disk space recommended for typical installation
    • 1024 x 768 VGA or higher resolution, video adapter, and monitor
    • Graphics card compatible with OpenGL Version 1.4 or higher
    • Keyboard and mouse, or other pointing devices
    • CD-ROM or DVD drive for installation, if installing from a CD or DVD
    • Internet access, if downloading and installing from the Internet

    IGiS-CAD comes with a Perpetual licensing policy integrated with a familiar CAD interface, file compatibility, Native .dwg file support

    There’s much more awesomeness waiting for you to explore! Download IGiS CAD 2022 and begin the experience of stimulating your productivity.