Top IGiS CAD Features to Explore

by | Feb 2, 2021 | 0 comments

IGiS CAD is a powerful 2D drafting and 3D modelling software for professionals not only to design but to plan, execute, and analyse their projects with precision. It meets the requirements of various disciplines including that of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Mechanical, Urban Planning, and many more. A platform to visualize, design, and simulate the ideas before they are built or created. IGiS CAD is a perfect blend that benefits you in terms of easy adaptability and affordable licensing. 

Let us get an insight into the top 10 features of IGiS CAD

1. Native file support


IGiS CAD provides native support for DWG/DXF and other legacy CAD file formats. It enables you to work with any version of DWG/DXF file formats. Also, any third party CAD file can be seamlessly opened and shared across multiple versions of IGiS CAD.

    2. Layer Management


    Layers are used as the primary feature for organising entities. These let you have more control and convenience over your drawing by creating multiple layers and managing them. These layers can be edited, viewed, locked, and hidden. Layers also help in reducing the complexity of the drawing.

    3. Data Extraction

    Data extraction allows you to extract data from objects in your drawings. It streamlines the process of counting by linking the extracted data directly to the external files. The extracted data can be linked to an external file or even to a table in your existing drawing.


    4. SDK

    Developers can take advantage of IGIS CAD SDK to create their own versions of the software. The open architecture allows you to use, customize, and extend IGiS CAD. This provides a programming environment for developers with object-oriented application programming interfaces.


    5. Solid, surface and mesh modelling

    You can create various types of 3D models in IGiS CAD using solid, surface, and mesh modelling. IGiS CAD has powerful 3D modelling tools with a fully-featured ASIC modeler. For instance, for initial designs and iterations, a wireframe model is apt. It serves as the reference geometry. Whereas, a solid model is more efficient to use and easily offers mass properties and sectioning capabilities. So, a 3D model created in IGiS CAD can be either one of them or a combination of these technologies.

    6. Photo-realistic Rendering

    You can create realistic and professional visualization of models using rendering features like attaching material, lights, surfaces, and more. You can convert your 3D IGiS CAD models into photorealistic rendering using tools already incorporated into IGiS CAD software. You can place and control lights, add and modify materials and their textures. With IGiS CAD, it becomes very easy to take real-world objects and create custom materials to produce light fixtures that behave like real-world lights.

    7.AEC Entities

    AEC entities help you when you are designing for a discipline-specific industry. It provides a library of standard 3D Entities specific to certain industries like Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. These are intelligent pieces of 3D geometry used to treat roads as roads and walls as walls, and so on.

    8. 3D Orbit View

    The 3D orbit view is one of the coolest features in IGiS CAD so far. Viewing 3D models from various angles in the workspace can help you visualize your models. You can orbit the drawing, rotate to get real-time view of your model from any angle in model spaces.

    9. Mobile App

    The IGiS CAD mobile App is your ideal companion to access your designs and drawings anywhere. It is available on Google play store for Android users. With easy and familiar user interface it enables you to view your drawings on the go. Apart from accessing the drawing only for viewing, its toolset also enabled editing facilities like redlining. IGiS CAD gives you an option to choose from two CAD packages, depending you’re your needs. 

    IGiS CAD Essential: Familiar interface with a rich set of tools for 2D drafting and design at an affordable price

    IGiS CAD Advance: In addition to what is available in IGiS CAD Essential, it has Fully featured ASIC modeler, AEC Entities, Photo-realistic rendering with 3D orbit view for 3D modelling and visualization