About SGL

SGL is a CMMI Dev3 company engaged into the development of GIS & CAD software since the last 2 decades, with a technical partnership from ISRO.

About IGiS CAD

IGiS CAD is a powerful 2D drafting and 3D modeling software for professionals to design, plan, execute, and analyze their projects.

It meets the requirements of various disciplines including that of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Mechanical, Urban Planning, and many more.


  • Perpetual Licensing

  • Standalone & network license
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Flexibility to upgrade

  • Easy Adaptability

  • Native DWG/DXF support
  • 150+ Image File Format Support
  • Classic & Ribbon view bar
  • No Learning Curve

  • Dedicated Support

  • Remote Assistance
  • Online resources
  • Tutorial Videos
  • IGiS CAD Specialist Support
  • Annual Technical Support for Upgrades and Updates

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