How to Install IGiS CAD?
Download tab allows to view the product version details and to download the respective version.

Select the version which needs to be downloaded.

IGiS CAD Download Version

IGiS CAD Advanced x64

Click “Save File” to download the selected version.

1. Once set up file is downloaded from here; double-click on the installer to start the process of installation.
2. Click “Next” Button to proceed.

IGiS CAD 2022 Installation

3. A License Agreement window appears. Read and understand the End User License Agreement (EULA).
4. Click I Accept the Agreement select box, and then click “Next”.


5. By default, the system will install the setup programme files in C drive. The destination location can be changed. Browse the user specific folder and select the specific folder.
6. Click “Next” to proceed.

IGiS CAD 2022 Path

7. Mark checkbox if you would like to install VBA Components.

8. Setup window allows to select an additional task to create a desktop shortcut.
9. Click Create a desktop shortcut checkbox if required.
10. Click “Next” to proceed.

IGiS CAD 2022 Create desktop

11. Next window displays Ready to install message.
12. Click “Install” to start the IGiS CAD installation in the selected folder.

IGiS CAD 2022 VBA Components

13. Once Installation is complete; the system will automatically restart, otherwise restart the system for changes to take effect. Then, double-click on the IGiS CAD 2020 icon located on the desktop to launch the application.

How to Activate IGiS CAD?
Activation allows user to activate the license key either Online or Offline.

  1. A license Wizard is displayed to activate the License. Select Activate your license which will have two options as
  • Online Activation
  • Offline Activation
  1. Select corresponding option.

IGiS CAD Advanced 2022

  1. Click Activate your license tab to proceed from a License Wizard.
  2. Read and understand the EULA; a legal document and click “I agree” to proceed.


License Wizard with activation method will be displayed on screen.

Select either online or offline tab at a time.

Activate Online

  1. Select Activate Online tab to proceed.
  2. License Wizard with Activate online option will be displayed.

 IGiS CAD 2022 Active

  1. Enter the Activation key in the provided field and click “Activate license key” tab.

IGiS CAD Active lic Key

  1. This will activate the license and the success message will be displayed on the screen.

IGiS CAD Lic is Activated

  1. Click “Finish” to exit.



Activate Offline

  1. Select Activate Offline tab to proceed.

IGIS CAD 2022 Active Offline

  1. License Wizard with Activate offline option will be displayed. Enter Activation Key in the provided field.

IGiS CAD Active offline scan QR Code

  1. Here user needs to enter the computer key which can be achieved through scanning a QR code with the smart phone application. To get the Computer key click “Scan QR Code”.


  1. After scanning the QR code; a computer key will be displayed on smart phone.

  1. Enter the computer key in the license window and click “Activate”.
  2. This will activate the license and the success message will be displayed on the screen.IGiS CAD Activate Offline


  1. Click “Finish” to exit.