1. How can I preview DWG to PDF? (DWG to PDF Preview not visible)
  1. Go to IGiS CAD option menu
  2. Click on print. Choose Microsoft to PDF 

2. Why IGiS file is not opening in Autocad 2016 ?

IGiS CAD saves the file in Autocad 2018 version by default. So you need to save the file in lower version of the Autocad in order to open it in Autocad 2016.

3. How can I make/modify shortcut keys in IGiS CAD ?
  1. Click on Settings – Customize UI
  2. ICAD – Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. Key(s) – Enter new  combination and Click on ok.

4. Is there Layer merge option available in IGiS CAD ?

Click on Home – Layers

Select any layer which you would like to merge – click on cross (delete) – You will find 3 options.

  • Delete record and all entities that reference to record – Layer that you would like to delete and merge
  • Change to and delete – Layer in which you would like to merge the Layer that you will select in the first option.
  • Skip the record of deleting – Will not be merged and get deleted
5. How can I convert Spline line to Poly line ?

In the Command prompt:  PEDIT – select the line – enter

6. Is there Select Similar option available in IGiS CAD ?

Yes, type SELECTSIMILAR in the command prompt.

7. Why our lines are not getting stretched properly ?

Enter Limits into the command prompt.

  1. Choose the left corner value as 0,0
  2. Choose the right corner value as per your requirements.
  3. Enter Zoom into the command prompt and enter Extents.

Your drawing will be saved as per the value you have chosen and you will not face the line stretching issue.

8. Why nearest point selection is not working properly ?

Enter command DDOSNAP

  1. Entity Snaps – Uncheck Parallel feature
  2. Click ok

9. Why my customized CTP monochrome file option is not available while print ?

Press Crtl + P

  1. Go to print style table – click on new
  2. Select “Use an existing print style table – click next
  3. Browse and open your CTP file.

10. While printing, it is creating a plt file instead of printing.

Remove the check mark from “print to file”option while printing, and it will not create the plt file.

11. Is it possible to visualize Arc center ?

Yes, use the command DIMCENTER to visualize Arc center.

12. Is it possible to modify crosshair size ?

Click on Application menu – Select options

  1. Display
  2. Cursor options
  3. Crosshairs size

13. Why nearest point selection is not working properly ?

In some Files (Go to >> Drawing settings>> uncheck ‘parallel’ option)

14. Why block match property is not working correctly.

Use copy Entity Formatting Command.

15. How to convert DWG to PDF and vice versa

If you would like to save (Export) the DWG file as PDF file then you can do it as per the mentioned two ways.

  • Click on output – Export – Choose PDF format to save


  • Press Ctrl + P (or Application menu – Print) – Choose name DWG to PDF.pc3 – Ok

If you would like to save (Import) the PDF file then you can do it as per the mentioned two ways.

  • Application menu – Import – Choose file type PDF
  • Type Import in the command prompt – choose the file type as PDF and click on Open.

16. Will I able to customize or add my symbols ?

It is possible to modify existing symbols and add new symbols.

  1. Click on settings – Customise UI
  2. ICAD – Menus – & File
  3. Click on first option & New

Over here you can browse new symbols from your machine as well as modify the existing ones.

17. Sometimes "Delete" command does not work.

Use Command “PICKFIRST“-> Enter new value for PICKFIRST <ON>: Type 1 for ON condition and 0 for OFF condition.

18. How does "SPELL CORRECTION" works?

Go to Tool ->Check Spelling ->Filter/<Select entities to check spelling>: or Use the shortcut command “Spell

20. Why *mark block is not open?

Double click to select the Block which needs to be edited à click “Create and Edit” icon ->This will open a drawing window ,select Block -> A block with editing functionalities will be opened


21. Why *mark block is not open?

Paste Hatch pattern file (.pat) in the following path:

C:\Program Files\IGiS-CAD Advanced\Patterns\ISO or Type “OP” command ->paths/files-> hatch patterns->double clicks “C:\Program Files\IGiS-CAD Advanced\Patterns\ISO” paste here.

22. How can I change the size of the Pickbox?

Go to “Drawing Settings“->coordinate input ->Entity selection ->Entity selection Pick box-> change as the desired requirements.

23. How to use Audio note?

Go to Tools->Manage->Audio Note

24. Is there any option to find an old DWG file made previously?

Yes. To view the Drawing history; go to Tools->Inquiry->Time Variables

25. How to convert Ordinary taxt to MTAX?

Use command “TXT2MTXT“->Select entities to convert to MTEXT

26. How to create Circles/Slots/Rectangles around tax?

Use command “TCIRCLE“->Select TEXT, MTEXT or ATTDEF entities->Filter/<Select entities>: Enter distance offset factor <0.9000>->Enclose text with [Circles/Slots/Rectangles] <Rectangles>: type c/s/r ->Create circles of constant or variable size [Constant/Variable] <Variable>: Type “c”/”v”

27. How does I rotate my tax in angle?

Use Command “TORIENT“->Select TEXT, MTEXT, ATTDEF, or BLOCK inserts w/attributes->Filter/<Select entities>: New absolute rotation <Most Readable>: 45

28. How do I select similar entities in IGiS CAD?

Use Command “SELECTSIMILAR“->Select entities

29. How do I mirror tax in same direction?

Use command “MIRRTEXT“->Enter new value for MIRRTEXT <ON>: “type 1 for ON”