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Features of IGiS CAD

Familiar CAD Interface & flawless compatibility.
Meet your drafting & designing needs with IGiS CAD

What’s New?

IGiS CAD software is ever-evolving and includes industry-specific tools with latest features to facilitate flawless drafting and designing

Mobile App

The IGiS CAD mobile App has an easy user-interface and toolset that enables you to view your drawings with redlining facility. The mobile app becomes your ideal companion to access your designs anywhere.

Voice Notes

You can now record and attach voice notes to entities to playback at all times. It enables you to communicate the detailed design even in your local language without significantly increasing the file size.

OGC Compliant

Full featured WMS client and KML. You can consume raster and vector map data available on public or private web servers to display it as your drawing background.

File Compatibility

IGiS CAD supports all industry standard and native formats for smooth migration without data loss

Native file support

IGiS CAD provides native support for DWG/DXF and other legacy CAD file formats. It enables you to work with any version of DWG/DXF file formats.

Import / Export

Open, Save and Share files in various formats used by different CAD packages like DXF, DXB, DWF, DWT, DWFX, DGN, STL and many others.

External Reference

Optimize file size by linking a drawing to the current drawing as external reference. It attaches a pointer to the external file instead of inserting a drawing as a block.

Raster & PDF Support

Support for inserting and editing of more than 150 raster file formats. Additionally, you can also insert PDF files into your drawings.

Printing & Plotting

You can print and plot your design in high resolution, impeccably with the IGiS CAD printing and plotting features

Smart Plotting

Configure your drawings in any layout for printing. You can plot on both large format plotters and small printers to produce hard copy output.

CTB & STB Plot Style

Print style helps you control what your drawing looks like when it is printed. It allows you to customize the colour, pen width, linetype and lineweight, used to print your drawing.


Save and print a collection of drawings and their layouts, instead of one drawing at a time, using the Publish command.


Move multiple drawings and related files by either creating a package using eTransmit command (multiple drawings) or sending it by email (single file).

IGiS CAD Essential

Familiar interface with a rich set of tools for 2D drafting and designing at an affordable price

Layer Management




Have more control and convenience over your drawing by creating multiple layers and managing them. These layers can be edited, viewed, locked and hidden.
Fill the enclosed area with lines, patterns, solids or gradients. Select from predefined patterns from a custom hatch library or customize as per your requirement.
Expedite the designing process by using different array commands to copy objects in a repeatable pattern.
Add measurements to the drawing using dimensioning tools along with controlling dimensioning styles and adding tolerance symbol.
Connect the feature of drawing to multiline text or a block using a line segment or a spline. It provides access to different types of labels and callouts.
Determine the height or overall size of annotative entities without changing the scale of other non-annotative entities. Allows you to view and plot annotations regardless of viewport zoom scale.
You can highlight or mark an entity that requires further attention using revision clouds. It helps you for efficient review of drawings.
Allows you to extract data from objects in your drawings. It streamlines the process of counting by linking the extracted data directly to the external files.
Hatch pattern contain repetitive lines, dashes or dot patterns. You can select from predefined patterns or customize or choose from a custom hatch library. A gradient pattern contains of a gradual/smooth change of colour to select from.
The maximum allowed variations in the geometry defined by a drawing are indicated by Geometric tolerances. IGiS CAD facilitate applying the geometric tolerance on the drawing.


Annotative Scale

Revision Clouds

Data Extraction


Helps the user to expedite the drafting and modelling by creating custom work environment

Tool Palettes

Each tool palette, commands and blocks can be organized for easy access while working in drawings.

Command Bar

Enter the commands or its abbreviations in a dockable window for faster execution for legacy users.


A convenient way to customize the display of commands in the IGiS CAD main window. Each workspace stores your personalized settings.


Developers can take advantage of this feature to create their own versions of the software. The open architecture allows you to use, customize and extend IGiS CAD.

IGiS CAD Advance

Fully featured ACIS modeler, AEC Entities, Photo-realistic rendering with 3D orbit view for 3D modelling and visualization

Solid, Surface & Mesh Modelling

Visual Style

3D Orbit View

Create solid, surface and mesh objects in IGiS CAD using the powerful 3D modeling tools with fully featured ACIS modeler.

You can view your drawing in various modes using Visual styles. Like, using a wireframe mode to view your drawing for more clarity.
You can draw rectangular, triangular, or quadrilateral areas filled with a solid color using a Plane tool.
Shading is useful when you want to visualize your drawing as a solid entity. It removes hidden lines behind entities and assign flat colours to visible surfaces and make them appear solid.
A set of 3D points that represents the surface of an entity, which is created by 3D scanners. You can attach .pcg, .rcp, or .rcs files.
You can create realistic visualization of models using rendering features like attaching material, lights, surfaces and more.
It provides a library of standard 3D Entities those are specific to certain industries like Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
It provides a library of standard 3D Entities those are specific to certain industries like Architecture, Engineering and Construction.
You can orbit the drawing, rotate the view in real-time. You can view your model from any angle in model space but not in paper space.

Point Cloud Underlay

Photo Realistic Rendering

AEC Entities


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