Licensing Policy

IGiS CAD licensing policy is transparent, simple & flexible

Perpetual License

License policy of IGiS CAD is aimed at providing complete predictability and peace of mind to customer. License is perpetual hence no hassle of renewing subscription every year and complete protection against any potential cost escalation of subscription in future.

Annual Technical Support

Annual Technical Support (ATS) allows customer to avail IGiS CAD specialist support via dedicated online portal, by paying nominal annual charges.


Licensing Options

IGiS CAD offers the access type that suits you. Go for single user or multi user, with their associated soft key license type.

Standalone License

A licensing solution for single user which allows to keep the software on a desktop or laptop for more flexibility.

Network License
This is a concurrent user-based license. It allows you to optimize the license acquisition cost while retaining the flexibility to use software from any devices within same IP network. This option can be availed for minimum of 10 licenses.